Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

“Spiritual direction is a way to pursue God with all our heart and a way to respond to God who is pursuing us” Jeannette A. Bakke


Spiritual direction is a prayerful process in which director and directee agree to give their full attention to what God is doing in the directee’s life through conversation, prayer and silence. The goal of spiritual direction is to increase one’s awareness of God in the midst of life experiences and to cultivate a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ.




What does it Involve?

Primary Tasks of Director:

  • Provide a safe, sacred space for the directee to share from their life and experiences.
  • Listen attentively with one ear to the directee and the other ear to the Holy Spirit.
  • Seek to let the Holy Spirit set the direction of the discussion. In spiritual direction, ultimately, the Holy Spirit is the Director!
  • Hold the directee before God in prayer during and outside of direction times.
Primary Tasks of Directee:

  • A desire to grow closer in one’s relationship with God.
  • Open one’s life and experience of God to another for the sake of shared listening, discernment, and prayer.
  • A willingness to grow in the practice of silent attentiveness to God.
  • A commitment to make direction appointments a priority.


If you…

Have a longing to hear God speak…

Are hungry for a space to give caring attention to your relationship with God…

Desire to be accompanied by the prayerful presence of someone who helps you listen well to God…

Spiritual direction may be the practice you are looking for to help guide you in these longings.


If you are interested in exploring spiritual direction further, I would love to talk with you.

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